Bring Sister Hope to your Parish!

Spiritual health Chatbot which delivers spiritual guidance, emotional wellness strategies and builds community.

3 million conversations
700+ topics
Population screening

“This is the only technology I've seen that is
designed to get people off of technology and
interacting with others."

– Amanda George, Coordinator of Youth & Young Adult Ministry, Archdiocese of San Francisco

A Turnkey Solution

Sister Hope is a multilingual, cutting edge means of social communication that builds community, expands social services & delviers formation programs.

Diocesan Ministry & Formation Programs

Expand your impact through unlimited scaling and engagement: Youth Ministry Programs, Formation Programs, Evangelization Programs, Family Ministry Programs, Pro-Life Programs, Social Justice Programs, Outreach Ministry Programs, etc. Leverage spiritual and mental health content covering over 700+ topics for the benefit of those most in need and isolated.

Social Service & Relief Organizations

Dramaticall improve your reach to those in need through unlimited scaling and engagement: Homelessness & Housing Services, Disaster Relief Services, Unaccompanied Youth Services, Immigration Services, Restorative Justice Programs, Legal Clinic Services, Mental Health Services, Crisis Response Services, Refugee Support Services, etc.

School Spiritual Formation Programs

For age appropriate grades, ensure students' first experience of texting/chatting are spiritual & positive! Sister Hope is designed to form small groups, intended to transition students off their phones to real encounters with the Lord and one another. Entire spiritual, moral and intellectual formation programs may be delivered and monitored focusing on sacramental preparation, spirituality and prayer, and general catechesis.

Parish Community, Formation & Outreach Programs

From outreach to evangelization to formation, Sister Hope not only delivers 1:1 engagement and spiritual formation, but also transitions people from their phones to real encounter, designed to form small groups of parishioners to encourage group prayer, build community & inspire service. 

05. Success Metrics

View metrics to support pastoral decision making.

06. Development Testing

Test new forms of spiritual engagement and formation before delivering to clients or parishioners.

Embedding with mental health support that is empirically proven to decrease depression & anxiety

Interactions with Sister Hope led to significantly reduced symptoms, on average by -13% for depression, and -18% for anxiety.


Our Proud Partnerships

Saint Elizabeth

“Saint Elizabeth & Elizz are working with X2 to explore new ways to support patients and family caregivers through supportive conversations with Tess."

Mary Lou Ackerman, VP of Innovation, Saint Elizabeth

Contemplatives of St. Joseph

"Sister Hope offers the perfect way for COSJ to promote the contemplative life and share our rich spiritual life through conversations.”

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