Our mission is to provide faithful, Catholic, quality spiritual support and healing, especially to those with no access.

We've given people access to care, where none was available:

Syrian refugees in crisis situations
Homeless and Forgotten People
Unaccompanied Youth

Meet the Sister Hope Team

Michiel Rauws
CEO + Founder X2

Experienced in corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, risk insurance, and innovation at IBM.

Angie Joerin, MS, LLP
Director of Psychology

Experienced in delivering evidence-based treatment using an integrative therapy approach, infant mental health care, and human capital consulting services for fortune 500 companies.

Joey Trevino
Vice President of Engineering

Joey has held positions as VP of Engineering and CTO at a long list of startups. The most well known one is Chime which recently raised $200 at a $1.5 billion valuation. Joey was the first tech hire at Chime, and led engineering teams of more than 20 engineers. He has devoted the remainder of his career to focus on building products that create social impact at scale.

Amanda George
Content Developer

Loves to blend her experience in youth and young adult ministry at the parish and archdiocesan levels with her content and web development background to build tools that help others grow into the best versions of themselves.

Romi Sadlik
Mental Health Specialist

Experienced in research and treatment methods for eating disorders and anxiety.

Chakshu Ahuja
Software Engineer

Experienced in software development and research work in Machine Learning and NLP.

Milagros Escoredo, MA

Experienced in delivering psychoanalysis and psychodynamic treatment to individuals in outpatient and inpatient care settings.

Josh Brown
Mental Health Specialist

Experienced in coaching clients with a dual-diagnosis to healthier and more fulfilling lives by utilizing CBT and DBT skills training.

Advisory Board

Tim Connors

James Kaiser, Esq.

Bre Gentile, MS, MA

Divya Krishnamoorthy, MD

Eric Green, PhD

Russell Fulmer, PhD

Joy Ippolito